Image Node Multiple Outputs?

Hey All,

Looking to see if anyone knows how to get multiple outputs out of the image node. I see that you can add multiple inputs, but I can’t seem to find a way to get a matte out. Particularly with ML body output matte. My matte is pure white (context 1) and want the matte for the body. I always find myself hitting a wall trying to figure this out and grabbing a ML node from the batch bin and using it directly to get a matte output. Would be great to figure out how to get multiple mattes out of the image node and start using it properly. Thanks in advance.

There’s a selective matte output matchbox you add to the selective you want to output the matter of.


The Image Node was never designed to output multiple mattes. You can use a matchbox shader to force the matte of a selective to the result output but I realise that wont work for multiple outputs.

For what you require, I suggest a change in your workflow. You can use Action instead of the Image node to perform the selectives an mattes. You will still need to possible use the Matchbox shader to output the selective’s matte but then you could use the multiple outputs of Action to possibly do that in one node.

Food for thought.



For a slightly separate reason, I have saved an action in my user library that is the same as the image node start up with all layers set to Nearest. (31.3 KB)