iPhone 13 cinematic mode vs Alexa LF

It really seems we are at the verge of a revolution, with this quality as shown in the demo, we will soon see hollywood completely replace ancient camera systems from arri and red with iPhones.


Unfortunately the link is just an old Rick Astley video.

:wink: thats the point

Every day is a learning day.

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Nice! That’s excellent… after seeing this video I immediately ordered a 13 pro!! Thanks!

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I ordered 2 and I’m already booked up solid for 2 features and a pilot . . .

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same here !

Vaguely on this subject, Rick Astley is doing a couple of gigs singing Smiths songs:

I found this out not long before your post and that’s my head was doubly spinning.


welp. Ran right into that one. Ya got me. I really should read the comments first. Haven been rickrolled since 2021 I think