VFX Screens

Seen a few posts recently asking about screen choices on shoots so thought i’s share my little library of screen replacement stills. if for whatever reason the ‘Chroma Screens’ ios app can’t be download onto the phone I use these. You need to go into the accessibility settings and enable screen/touch lock or something…easy on iphones but for the pixel i think you’ll need a 3rd party app. Also useful to have on a usb for TV’s

4k_3840x2160.zip (1.0 MB)
720x1140.zip (468.5 KB)
720x1560.zip (483.3 KB)
1080x1920.zip (629.7 KB)
Google_with_keyboard.zip (2.1 MB)
HD.zip (402.9 KB)
iPhone.zip (674.9 KB)
Samsung_and_Google.zip (583.0 KB)


Ooh nice

Thanks Mikey!

Thank you so much!
I really like the Tracking Markers app for iphone screen replacements.