Is it possible to use a B&W matte to hold out Motion Vector Tracking analysis?


I need to do MotionVector tracking onto a surface that has some moving obstructions in front. I had the obstruction roto’d. Can I use that that B&W matte to “holdout” the analysis?


Couldn’t you just multiply your plate over black through the matte?

I think the actual technical answer here is “no.” (Unless there’s new features I don’t know about). But I do recall people on here (I don’t remember who) claiming you can get sooome kind of result by using that matte and punching a hole in the plate (just black) and analyzing that.

I ended up using the matte to Pixel Spread contract things in and it worked for my use case.

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Dont know if this is a silly idea but is it possible to comp overthe motion vector clip to make a new version of it

Always found this the best cheat.

“Pixel spread and forget”