I've developed a streaming solution - Pixelview

Hey guys! Hope it’s okay with a little self-promotion, sorry otherwise! Hopefully, useful for some of you.

I’m a colorist and have developed a streaming solution for remote clients. When the pandemic hit I discovered how expensive and complex many solutions are on the market.

It’s a hardware encoder that you connect with SDI and you can view the stream in a web browser or using apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

The goal has been to create a solution that’s really easy to get started with. It’s all pre-configured so just connect the encoder and open the link. H265 in HD up to 12 Mbit/s, rec709. About 1-second latency.

We want to be in the space between youtube/zoom streaming and high-end solutions such as Streambox and Sohonet. Good for freelancers and smaller post-houses.

Pricing is
599 euros for the hardware encoder
149 euros/month for 5 simultaneous viewers
179 euros/month for 10 simultaneous viewers

Stream as much as you want to that number of viewers, no extra data charges.

It’s currently in use by around 20 colorists and flame artists. Mostly in the nordic countries so far.

Let me know of any questions or flame-specific features you’d like.


Ooh! Fabulous. This looks great for me. Can we expect good latency in the US? And can I turn on and off the monthly subscription when I need/don’t need the service?


Yes! We currently have servers in New York and Los Angeles and will keep adding depending on where our customers are located for best latency. And you can turn on and off the subscription as you please.


What if I already have an encoder of my own… can I still use the service?

Sure! Send me a DM and I’ll give you the required configuration. Is it the same encoder we’re using?

Can I assume that this is 4:2:0 8bit?
Is this based on UltraGrid?

This is what annoys me so much about Evercast. We rarely use it, and there is no Per Hour or Per Day capability.

Yes, we are limited by the Magewell encoder that does 4:2:0 8-bit for Hevc encoding. It’s not based on ultragrid. But I’ve used it before and that’s really a great solution for higher quality streams, if you’re into more DIY :slight_smile:

That’s a good point! Definitely worth considering a per day subscription model if there is a need for it.


Yeah, that’d be amazing. My jobs don’t last a month.

(Day/weekly rates)

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Update: We support OBS if you want to try streaming without the hardware. Any SRT capable encoder, both software and hardware, should work. DM if you want login details to try.

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