Remote Session Streaming Options

Hey all … what’s everyone using for remote client session streaming that is not a dedicated HW solution like Sohonet or Colourfront offerings?
Something that’s flexible and cheap enough but still provides decent bandwidth and image quality and is a step-up from Zoom or Meet screen sharing.


ClearViewFlex is good, but expensive. There is also the service from the guy that was on Andy’ show that looked pretty good, but only 8bit 4:2:0, or something like that.

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SetStream.IO is pretty good

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Thanks! We already use Clearview but need more cheaper solutions when colour accuracy and pic quality is not crucial.

Look into Edithaven? It’s uses NDI, which I found kinda a pain to get working last year, and haven’t bothered on my new Mac Studio, very low lag.

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I’ve been using Louper for a bit now. Can definitely recommend. It is 4:2:0 currently but they’re actively working on an upgrade in that department.

Collab tools are great, works with NDI or SDI and the price is just fine.


As a super cheap option if color accuracy is not your main absolute criteria, you should trie Discord Nitro, their streaming service is very good, up to 4k 60 ips for your need and offer unlimited amount of user. Not only for gamer, can be a very nice tool for business too