Job Posting - Senior Flame Artist - Heckler Singapore

Hi Everyone

We’re looking for a Senior Flame Artist to join our team at Heckler Singapore

If interested, please email

With centrally located studios across Sydney and Singapore, Heckler is a globally awarded design, animation and visual effects house, born in Sydney back in 2010 in the historic Paramount House Building of Surry Hills. At Heckler - as the name suggests - we are all about standing out from the crowd. We believe that “It’s okay to shout the loudest as long as you have something intelligent to say”.

A collaborative studio, we work alongside leading production companies, advertising agencies, clients and television networks to produce highly creative and effective work. Heckler’s work crosses multiple formats and disciplines in to keep pace with the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Heckler has won at every major advertising festival, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show New York, London International Awards, Spikes Asia, AdFest, Astra, Axis, Kinsale, Promax and AWARD.


As a Flame Artist you will work with Head of VFX and Executive Creative Director to translate creative concepts into visual solutions, matching innovative thinking with exceptional execution and craft. You are an original thinker with strong communication skills and capable of working through solutions on your own or whilst engaging with a team. You will display a strong level of conceptual thinking and keep up to date with current software and post-production methods.

You will bring clarity, context, creativity, power, emotion, and intelligence to each project, in the process of executing the concept and bringing it all to life.


● Leading and supervising VFX projects.
● Working closely with other VFX artists and departments to deliver the highest quality work.
● Engaging with Clients, Directors and Agency from initial meetings through to final delivery.
● Breaking-down and quoting on complex VFX projects.
● Attending shoots and supervising VFX requirements on-set.

People & Culture
● Actively input ideas on how to maintain and improve company culture.
● Work with all departments to develop and maintain a professional, process-driven environment, therefore maximizing output and efficiency.
● Operate with integrity, transparency and a sense of collaboration in all that you do.
● Always strive to live the Heckler values which are; Play, as a team; Creativity/Imagination; Excellence; and Passion.

● A high-level of commercials-based compositing experience.
● Excellent understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing.
● Be visually creative and organized with an excellent knowledge of a wide range of visual effects techniques.
● Proactive and an excellent communicator
● Share techniques and learnings with broader team.
● Work closely and collaboratively in a small team with tight schedules.
● Regularly update Producers on project status, raising any potential issues before they occur.