Kaleidoscope ideia

I need an idea, the actor was blind and he saw again, I think something similar to kaleidoscope, iris light, distortion, has anyone done an effect like this?

Kaleidoscope effect for a blind man who gains sight is a good idea. Maybe something with Motif, as suggested, that has a feeling of an “opening iris”.

To sell the effect maybe dial it in black and white first and then add color with chromatic aberrations.

Or since anatomically we have the color sensing cones in the middle of the retina create colorful blurred blotches, then add detail starting at the edges as contrast rods kick in.

That’s really good

Matchbox don’t have a starting point?

Do you mean like an iris opening? You have to move your source image to the side at the start and then slide it into the center to create an “opening” feeling probably.