Looking for Dizzy/Drunk effect ideas

What’s your go-to effect/strategy for giving a shot a “drunk” or “dizzy” effect?
I can google a bunch for Premiere and After Effects, but nothing for Flame.
Or is there another name in matchbox that would get this same effect?

Heres an example:

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Yo. Id build:

Blurry edge of frame.

Heavy vignette.

Maybe chromatic aberration.

Definitely time warp set to mix / or average frames or compound frames or something temporally unsettling. Or, offset the clip against itself in time and mix a few of those in and out.

Maybe Sapphire Glow Darks.

Maybe animated Defocus.

Maybe some way to denote tunnel vision. Like warp polar , or some kind of Wayne’s world like edge of frame warpy thing.

Whatever you do, build a modularly as no doubt your clients will have a very precise perspective of what this “drunk luck“ should look like


You’ve got a chance to make you’re own custom effect and that’s what makes it fun doing it on flame. Randy’s ideas are a great start! As some of my clients say (and personally I hate the saying). Have fun with it!


How many drinks are we talking about here?

I feel like if it’s a sickening vibe you’re going for then the grade will play a big roll. Sickly yellowy green skin tones.

What about driving a lens blur/defocus with a voronoi texture for warbly patches going in and out of focus.

Maybe a skew on the clip (rotate on X) so things are stretched at the top or bottom of frame?

Recursive ops could help here too for that stuttered echos in time look.

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I don’t know about matchbox but I remember stuff in Columbo and all the other Universal TV shows of the 70s would use one of those wobbly concave mirrors. Maybe you could do something similar with bicubics to add to Randy’s and Leon’s suggestions?

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And drink a few beers while you create the effect! haha

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  • Stabilize the nose tip
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The best intoxication effects, I remember we’re from Åkerlund’s promo for the Prodigy’s “Smack my bitch up”. If memory serves they were Henry Bends, but a similar effect could be done using a Sapphire Warp.

On top of that add a some animated defocus like the video and for those convergence shifts, just layer 2 images on top of each other that you animate in equal amounts to opposite sides of the frame and then back in time with the defocus.

Salt and pepper to taste I guess.


Sapphire has a new effect called S_FreeLens which works well for this. It’s basically the LensWhacking technique…moving depth of field, heavy vignette, psychotic blurring and light leaks all linked to one master param.


Have you played with the recursive ops node? You can get some nice trails with that.