Keyframes of Animation Curves (text) are lost after restarting Flame

Hi All

made some text-fadeins and -fadeouts in dedicated text segments (separate track) in 2d text TL FX.
But after rebooting Flame, all those animation curves (manually keyed) are gone :frowning:

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


Im still on Flame 2021.2


Today I had to move the text-segments because had to remove some shots on the video track (in order to keep text and shots synced) and voilà, the key/animation curves are back but only on some text segments. Unfortunately I was not able to find out why not all animation curves/keys of all text segments are back :frowning:

This issue is still pending… most of the time, the keyframes are gone after restarting Flame…

Any help is appreciated very much! Thank you!

@joe99 Have you reported the issue to the support team?

I am fxphd student (Flame 2021.2)… Can non-customers report Flame issues?

Am I really the only one having this problem?

Thanks for any help!