Deleting Keyframes

Im sure this is an easy one and im just not getting it but here goes.

Flame 2023, why cant i just hit delete key and delete a key frame i feel i have to go into the animation editor and select every channel individually and delete each channel one by one.

I also used to go into animation and hit keep and it would delete everything but my keyframe im positioned on. Once again im selecting each channel and dojng this. I must be missing something.

Sorry if this is a super obvious one.

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Didn’t @fredwarren state this was a known big and will be updating this asap?

I believe he did, and yeah, it SUUUUUCKS. Not that I’ll ever join the “autokey off” gang, but man if this isn’t making me mad at keyframes.

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The smallest crack in the dam…

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Yep. The fix is scheduled to arrive soon… a matter of days if everything goes according to plan.



As i have frequently mentioned …

We are upgrading from 2020 very soon. I was going to install 2022.3 but I would be intersted to see if I could be convinced to jump further and go for 2023.

I have never been much of an early adopter before. Often having service pack three as a benchmark.
But then I have never been so involved with such a large comunity of Flame users before.

Thoughts :thinking:

Aah well as long as im not going mad and its a known bug i’m happy.

Thabks for the clarification and update.

I’m a fan of having the latest and greatest. Make sure to save, but the software is generally quite stable these days.

The few times I’ve really destroyed a job (software wise) have been due to my activity and not the software.


I am keen but my concern is that if we installed 2023 I would probably need to keep updating the service packs.
If I go with 2022, that is on 3.1 and would probably stay at 3.1

turn off filtering that makes it a bit easier. that will allow you to delete the keyframes, with filtering on it resorts to the filtered last keyframe which it might not be able to delete the others.

Flame on the cloud is what has excited the powers that be

Definitely try before you buy on that one. My one experience with it was subpar. It was like remote controlling a flame that had horrible throughput. I hope others have better experiences and that it has improved.

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I think the enhancements to the animation editor alone make the jump to 2023 something to think about. I like what has been done with the entire interface as well.

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I would recommend waiting just a few days for 2023.0.1. Multiple fixes will be included to make your experience better.


Heya Fred, thanks for letting us know. If this service pack fixes the micro freezes, should we expect there to be a service pack for 2022 addressing that as well? Or only in 2023?

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The fix we’ve made to reduce/eliminate the micro-freezes is part of 2022.3.1

We cannot guarantee that it completely removes all micro-freezes since we are not sure we reproduced all of them. It should greatly improve the situation though.


FYI, 2023 also has the same micro-freeze fixes as 2022.3.1.


@Marcus_M @PlaceYourBetts Just in case you haven’t seen the other thread: 2023.0.1 is now available.

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Many thanks Fred, already happily deleting keyframes. Nice one