LA Coffee/Lunch after NAB

I am contemplating flying out to LA for a few days after NAB this year (april 16th->20th) or something.

I would absolutely love to just drive around and see some facilities, meet some people , have some lunches, dinners, talk about flame or color or whatever else, nerd out!

HMU if I can come visit you , i would love to just take in as much as I can while I am there <3

Bottega Louie in Weho April 18th at 7PM

Bottega Louie WEHO
8936 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


I’m down. Just lemme know.

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Happy to have you if you want to swing by MTI :slight_smile:

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Social or sales?

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Down to meet up for a pint after work… Maybe we get a little something together?

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thats also a GREAT idea?

Flame dinner LA?


Try and get the ADSK guys to come to LA after NAB and I’ll sponsor a dinner.


I’m in.

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Nice what are we thinking about thursday April 18th for a dinner meetup?

What is LA food btw? We have nyc pizza and chicago deepdish. In N Out?


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Free food? Hum… :wink:

We sadly cannot make LA after NAB. Our NAB travel plans are already set.

We are available for the usual get-together in Vegas though.

LA food is incredibly diverse. But I guess if you wanted to get stereotypical, yeah, In/Out, Mexican, maybe even some Korea BBQ, street burritos. Pizza not so much, and very few deep dish, although there is a Detriot style place the people at my office like.

But the most important thing about gathering in LA, is what part of town to meetup in. The traffic and distance is real, and people will choose to attend based solely on this.

You might be interested in Bludso’s in Santa Monica, which is Texas style BBQ. Don’t know if Europe has this.

haha that sounds awesome, I will be somehwere in hollywood/north hollywood but i cna go wherever what makes sense as a meetup spot?

Wurstkuche might be a little on the nose :joy:


If you wanna get on the nose @cnoellert, there’s the Red Lion in Silverlake… Wirtshaus on LaBrea… Idle Hour is a fun spot in NoHo… Plenty of places in Hollywood… There’s also westside… If it were up to me, I’d say somewhere in the middle of the city so the eastsiders don’t get hosed. Fairfax/Hollywood zone, something like that…


Or Rasselbock in Mar Vista!

As a Westsider, we should absolutely hose the Eastsiders.



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rick GIF

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How bout Bottega Louie in Weho. Eat outside… the weathers nice now and you can be loud and no one cares.

Neutral ground between west and east…