🔥 Logik @ NAB 2024...SAVE THE DATE 🔥

Hello Logik Friends!

NAB 2024 runs from 4/14 - 4/17. We are going to have a Suite at the Palazzo this year, and you can think of it as your place to come and hang out, socialize and learn new skills. In addition to food and drinks, there will be Flames and Flame artists on hand all day!

We are still working out the details, but we will be doing a Logik After Dark party and a special Social Event for Patrons and Logik Academy Pro Members.

We will also be offering small group,1hr Master Classes all day in the Suite, covering things like Flame 101, Flame 201, Beauty Techniques, Connected Conform, the Image Node/Grading, and more. (Pricing and signup information will be coming soon.)

So mark your calendars, friends, and we’ll see you in Vegas!


Looking forward to it. When do you think we can finalize the dates of the social / after dark? I don’t think I’ll be there for the whole show, and would love to coordinate dates so I don’t miss the good parts.

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It’s not set in stone yet, but figure on Sunday & Monday for the social events. That seems to be historically when most people are there.

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Great opportunity to meet the flame group. Thank you for informing.

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How do y’all NAB?

Is it worth ~$200 for a pass, or could I just hang out at the Logik suite the whole time?


I was gonna send this out when we had everything lined up… I have a code from AJA that you can use for a free NAB Pass! Just use this code at checkout: NS3256


I’ve found the show floor to be of very little use to our specific Flame community. It’s all about the ADSK suite and meetups.


Randomly gawking at gear can be entertaining but probably not worth the trip and cost. While the pass may be free, the logistics aren’t.

But it’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many industry connections in one place at condensed schedule, or finally meet people in person that you’ve worked with virtually.

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This code works until March 22.

I would definitely set aside a long morning or long afternoon to walk the floor. If I was truly running studio or wanting to see cameras or monitors, or if Autodesk had a booth, then I’d be really excited about the floor. But there’s no that much for us kinda people. Our goal with the Logik suite is for that to be the homebase, the beacon, the hangout, the place to go, and, be with other flame artists.


I’ve had the most fun on the show floor in the past by meeting up with a group of other flame artists beforehand and checking out things as a group. Made it way more entertaining when we we ran into a picture of @andymilkis on our elevator!

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I don’t think it was exactly this picture, but it was one very much like this:


“Ok so here’s the rough cut…aaaaaaand here’s the final.”

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Bed bugs are about the last thing I’d be concerned with picking up in Vegas.

*I’m referring to picking up a cold, of course.