Language versioning ad graphics

Looking for some advice on versioning.
I don’t usually do a lot of versions, since I mostly do feature length stuff, but currently i’m prepping a project that will end up with somewhere around 250-300 versions.
My biggest worry is different language versions of the graphics.
I was considering rendering an EXR with each language version(most likely delivered to me as tiff with alpha) as a separate channel, so I can just change the channel dropdown for the file in the timeline, but was wondering if theres a better way. I’d really love to keep the amount of timeline tracks as low as possible.

I know a bunch of you have brilliant workflows for this. Care to share your tips and tricks?

I like to use nested timelines for this kinda stuff as it renders FAST but it depends on how different the versions are , but definetely connected conform is your friend here.

I would put all graphics in its own sequence so you can swap them .

nested timelines in flame →

Render a clean master timeline as lets say 16:9 30s and call it timelinename_v001

Use patternbrowsing to find the clean timeline (to be able to version it up down the line if needed)

now you basically just have this clean timeline as your base track for all language versions, then you add the graphics as a second layer.
you can also NOT do that and keep all timelines live, but if they are all the same , why bother… i would not do the old hard commit and copy as thats not versionable and you might want to ripple through changes.

link all the versioned timeline exports with connected conform as well as the graphics , now you have a centalized spot of where to ripple through changes and updates in graphics .

you can extend this further with a graphics track for a 16:9 , 9:16 e.t.c if the client wants you to move a speicific graphic in all 9:16 4 pixel to the left you can now do that with a single click.

but yea all in all its all about connected conform and staying ontop of all the links between things .

Thanks Finn.
I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Decided to not take the job. Seemed like the pain was not worth the money.