Lenovo P620 pciE speeds

just posting this for reference

P620 on “auto” mode on the pciE slots will only drive them at pciE 3.0 speeds.

setting them to 4.0 manual gives you double performance if you have lets say a pcie g4 nvme raid @Brooks ssd7540 went from 12GB/s to 24GB/s .

I saw in the highpoint web gui that it was running at x16 with 8GT/s , pcie 4.0 is 16GT/s .

So maybe have a look to unlock even more performance from those beast machine s

I don’t know if that is a global rule to follow. I just check the stats for A6000 GPU in one of our P620, set to auto, and it is connecting at PCI4.

LnkSta: Speed 16GT/s (ok), Width x16 (ok)

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very interesting!

Might be some “energy star” setting type yhing?

PCIe link speed negotiation can be tricky: assuming both the slot and the adapter support PCIe 4.0, auto negotiation can still get it wrong if there are firmware bugs or signal integrity issues. Not on P620, but I’ve seen a system which had two Mellanox ConnectX-5 NICs (the PCIe 4.0 model) on different PCIe risers, one would negotiate PCIe 4.0, the other 3.0…

First thing I’d make sure is to have latest BIOS on the P620 and firmware on the adapter and see if that gets auto negotiation to work, it’s usually preferable if auto negotiation just works, but sometimes you do end up having to force the speed.

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