Lense Correction

Hi team, I have some footage on GoPro, which needs Lens Correction on the edges as it distorts towards the edges. I tried Sapphire_Warp but not satisfied with the result. Do we have any other process to solve this in Flame. Resolve has Lens Correction tool in the Inspector Tab, do we have anything similar here in Flame, Thanks

Have they provided you with a lens grid?


Do you have Mocha? It has a pretty good Lens correction tool.

If you have syntheyes it does a nice job (in a lot of instances) of calculating distortion and exporting STMaps

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I recently went back to the lens distort node to try and straighten up a photo taken on an 8mm camera lens.

It was a picture of a house with heaps of straight lines but it wasn’t very good. I tried to finish it off by doing more warp corrections using extended bicubics but the results were still poor.

In the end we used Nuke and the results were much better. Nuke has a similar tool that looks for lines that should be straight and fixes that for you with lens correction


In terms of new compositing tools, this would be close to the top for me. We need a better inbuilt solution for dealing with lens distortion without having to go to Nuke, Mocha Pro or Syntheyes.

We really do need a STMap creation tool (with the ability to render out or bake in a proper STMap), an undistort node with alpha that auto scales to the resolution required and us filtering options available, and finally we need a redistort node to reverse this.


Update Lens Distortion FI-02897


I imagine the issue might be that they built the existing lens distort too right into actions surfaces so it would have to stick around for the handful of times anyone elected to use lens distort in that (or any) capacity.

No they have not.

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Oh superb! so will try nuke!!

Hi, what is this, is it matchbox shader?

No, it’s a Flame feature request number.
feedback.autodesk.com is a portal to leave feedback, otherwise known as feature requests.

I too use Nuke to analyse lens distortion then create STMaps to undistort/redistort. Mocha Pro stand-alone is also good for this, or you can use Syntheyes as previously mentioned.

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Sorry I should have explained. A great way to promote the features that we want developed or created in future versions of Flame, is to submit a feature request and then people can vote on the ones they feel are most important to them.

@AdamArcher just shared a link. Use the search function for either the term you are interested in or the FL number and vote that request up :+1: