Let's get to 1,024 users

Distinguished Flame Logik Members! Thank you for all of your support. We’re up to 800 users! Hooray!

Let’s get to 2^10 users, or 1024. Please help us spread the word. Do you know someone that isn’t here yet? Spread the word. Help us get to 10bit users. Come on, 8bit is so twenty years ago. 10bit is all shiny.

Use this invite code.


On the sign up page is a new text field. Anybody that signs up using the link above or has someone type in their Flame Logik username in the “Who sent you?” field will receive a Trust Level status promotion.

Let’s do this!

(this screen grab brought to you by @DannyYoon’s amazing tip of the Mac-based Control + Shift + Alt + 4 to generate a screen capture that goes straight to the clipboard)


I saw you recruiting on reddit today.


A Hail Mary if there ever was one.

I was happy to see it; I never know how evangelistic to be about this place. I don’t want to be the one who lets in fifty trolls or some such.

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The industry is so small that everyone is typically on their best behavior. I wouldn’t worry about trolls. The more the merrier. Plus @andy_dill, we gotta find someone to dethrone you as the lone Logik Member that has received Flags on their account. It was for Science, so perhaps we’ll let it slide. :slight_smile:

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