Linking onscreen cursor to timeline location

I have been given the task of simulating an as yet unwritten app, that behaves like a basic video editor. I need to have a timeline of thumbnails below the main image. In order to speed up the fx work on different clips, i was wondering if anyone knows of a way that i could link the position of a cursor to a specific time on the video clip.

I want to put a fake finger on the thumbnails and the video clip jumps to the corresponding time. I feel its probably something achievable with Expressions, but my knowledge of such things is very basic.

Can anyone suggest possible ways to achieve this?


Depending on your resolution you can link the x position of an axis to the slip value of your clip.
I would use a mux node to control the slip. So the expression for the slip value be:

Slip = action_name.axis_cursor.position.x

thanks Sinan…i’ll explore that right away!

just what i needed - thanks Sinan

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