Listing Computer/Flame specs in emails to post houses?

Whats the best way to let the houses know you are equipped for work and have a home setup?

Does anyone list out their Computer/Flame specs in your emails to post house when sending your resume or maybe your emails when you are just checking in to see if they need any help?

Do you include it in your resume instead or include this info in the body of your email?

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I wouldn’t get to long or technical in those type of emails. This is what I’d do.

Hi. My name is so and so. I’m a flame artist with xxx years of experience. I have ability to work remotely, either on my personal Flame or via RGS or Teradici if that’s preferred. I’d love to work with you guys. Here’s a link to my reel: Look forward to hearing from you. -So and So


I agree. Typically I never bring it up, just use my gear/setup/knowledge to provide a smooth and seamless experience. I do have a list of gear in case someone starts to nickel and dime on machine rates, but, touch wood, haven’t needed to use it yet.

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