Livegrain - any insights?

Agency adamant we use it. But all I see is a informationless splashscreen on their website. All I can gather is it’s expensive.

$5k per commercial (includes socials)

They do it in house. If you used it a lot they’d send you hardware/software and give you training.

Fuck me I’m in the wrong business. $5k a commercial? BRB. Gonna whip up a Wix domain and only charge $4995 / commercial to grain mayo ads.


You can pretend that each grain is individually placed with love and care…


Kinda tells you everything you need to know about it.

They originally wanted a filmout. This is the second job this year asking for it…

When you do films the cost goes up, way up. They price based on the movies budget. Soemtimes you can pay $30k to use on a single film.

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I have questions. Are we at a point where agencies are now fetishizing grain, kinda like a film student would? All I’ve ever heard from art directors is take all the noise out, to the point everything gets all smooth and jelly-like. And what gives a company domain over doing only grain? Is it some kind of magic? Won’t web compression kill most of it anyway? Dehancer has some nice grain tools that don’t cost $5k.

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If there is a more bullshit product on the market than LiveGrain then I am yet to experience it. Does the grain look filmic, yeah sure, can you achieve a similar grain look in umpteen different ways for a fraction of the cost, hell yeah!!

Who would have thought that people would pay a whole lot of money now to add something that they used to pay a whole lot of money to try and remove when we were actually shooting on film?!!

I’m going to create an analogue light spectrum simulation engine (a.k.a. Plugin) that adds neg and pos dirt to pictures. Tell them that the hairs were sampled from hairs physically scraped off actual film rolls for authenticity. The gate weave it will add will remove the digital vibe and the diffused light analysis (aka Gaussian blur) will take that digital edge off your footage. The OFX plugin, I mean analogue light spectrum simulation engine, will be called Snake Oil. Just for shits & giggles, Sorry, I meant shots and some creative word that sounds a bit like giggles.


Logik Livegrain has a nice ring to it.

Logik Livegrain on LucidLink connected by Logik-PROJEKT.

Really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?


Grain artists placing live grains one by one…


Let’s make the Emperor’s New Grain.

Tell everyone that it’s really there.

Each particle lovingly created by an army of one fingered artisans.

Tell everyone it’s priceless, and if they have to ask they can’t afford it.

Meanwhile, for the opposite effect, this looks promising:

Open DeNoising

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$5k hard cost each time they run a spot through it? Seems like a great way to force a locked cut!

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My service is only $4995.


Yeah, but yours is old reconstituted grain. Kind of like freeze dried. They’re offering actual live grain. It’s organic. For that kind of money, I want my grain fresh and wiggling like earthworms in my bait box.


I legit must be living under a rock. When did this become a thing?

…and this is after you were triple bid and had to come in under the lowest number submitted by the post house they were never going to work with.

No wonder agencies are hemorrhaging… fucking myopic.


It is quite interesting watching how it works but it can slow your system down quite a bit. Every time you change the grade, no matter how small, it figures out what the grain should be.
It was used at my place for a series and the costs were pretty astronomical, but if the client wants it then it’s a completely separate fixed cost, if they haggle on the bill then point them in the direction of the live grain amount!

Civil War actually spoofed this: the green photographer shoots a vintage 35mm nikon and develops her negative in the field, all B&W. The grizzled veteran uses a sony a7.

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So I heard the whole process from LiveGrain. It’s pretty epic what they’re doing and the guy was such a wonderful nerd about how film works chemically.

But I’d save it for big budget features or episodic. TV commercials get Flame Regrain

how could it be epic… yeah maybe it could do something a bit more accurate than some grain tools, but I just can’t imagine it would be the difference between garbage and amazing… or even mediocre throws off the story, and believable.

This is 100% something for somebody to justify their job.