Logik Live #50: 15 Things in Flame that Andy Brown Can't Figure Out

It’s The 50th Episode of Logik Live!

Logik Live was founded as a way for the community to share knowledge. For our 50th we’re gonna take that to a whole new level! LA-based Flame Artist @AndyBrown has a list of 15 things in Flame that he can’t figure out. Are they bugs? Is he using them wrong? Is there a better way? It’s an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn! Andy’s list can be found at the bottom of this post. If you have the answer to any of the things on Andy’s list then be sure to tune in on Sunday and let us know!

No Zoom this week - we’re going live to YouTube! I’ll be giving away a bunch of Logik.tv masks and phone chargers, but you have to register to win. The link to the live stream and the form to register for a prize can be found here:


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Andy Brown’s List:

Andy Brown’s List:

  1. F6/F7 for editing one clip into another doesn’t behave in a consistent manner. I want to see both Timelines. All the time.
  2. Edit from Source to Record side and all the markers come across. I just spent 20 minutes marking up what needs to be done in the 30" and now all of those markers are in the wrong place on the 15”
  3. Media Panel jumps around all the time. Stay at one size. Please.
  4. PSD into matte input only on Action doesn’t update. I genuinely thought I was going mad.
  5. No ‘M’ to close GMask Tracer like in GMask. I’m always hunting for the first little blob to close it. I know there’s a button, but that’s not what I use…
  6. No set key/keep in timeline without going into animation menu. Such a useful functionality, but buried.
  7. The whole point of BFX is that you don’t need them sitting in the Media Panel taking up space. They’re in your timeline. Do I need them there constantly opening up and making me have to close them? No, I do not.
  8. Lock reels in different aspect ratios. If I’m doing this, it’s to check something matches. Don’t make it harder.
  9. Stupid explode FX results. I can make it look sensible. Flame should be able too as well.
  10. Mux input 0. There is no input 0. 1 or 2. Come on.
  11. When you re-name something as you drop it into the Media panel it abandons all knowledge of sorting.
  12. Media Hub pattern browsing in different media types is either consistent or inconsistent, I can’t ever work it out, but it always does what you don’t want.
  13. Conform cannot link all events, so you consolidate handles to 0, then it can find them again. Just do that yourself Flame.
  14. Enter TL FX and end up coming back out into another TL FX. I want the timeline. That’s what I want to exit to. Not a Comp that’s doing literally nothing.
  15. TL Action is just a re-purposed DVE from Smoke. Put the real Action in there and get rid of that shadow and light. I always throw them away.