Logik Live #59: Grant Kay Returns!

Is there a feature in Flame that you’d like to know more about? Post it here and we’ll try to cover it with @La_Flame, aka, Grant Kay on this Sunday’s Logik Live!

The heart and soul (and voice) of the Flame Learning Channel returns to Logik Live! We’re live on YoutTube this Sunday, 8/22 @ 2pm ET The Summer of Flame continues with my special guest Grant Kay! We’ll go over some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Flame.

Also, it’s the Logik Forum’s 1st Birthday! Let’s celebrate by giving away some Logik Merch, a 1 year license of Optics from Boris FX and a 3 month subscription to ActionVFX! These guys make the best VFX stock on the planet and their new subscription model is amazing! You have to register for a chance to win. Do it today at http://www.logiklive.com

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