Logik Live Episode #11: Connected Conform with Bryan Bayley

Are you a Flame Artist? Have you ever had to change a “locked cut” or have to add a surprise :15 to your :30? What about the ‘Lift’ that isn’t actually a lift, or the surprise 1x1, 9x16 or 4x5 social version that your client just added? If you can relate to any of these then you owe it to yourself to check out tomorrow’s Logik Live! My guest will be Bryan Bayley from Treehouse in Dallas, TX. Bryan is going to show how he uses Flame’s Connected Conform workflow to simplify the endless versioning.

Thanks to CineSys-Oceana for sponsoring Logik Live, and thanks to Autodesk for Zoom support.


Just watched this again @bryanb …thank you!!!