Logik Live Episode #22: Using Shotgun with Flame

My guests this week are Alan Latteri and Jesse Morrow of Instinctual in LA. They’re going to show how they use Shotgun in production with Flame. Shotgun is an amazing diverse tool and capable of so much more than just shot and task management. Check out how Alan and Jesse leverage it to maximize the efficiency of their workflow! Alex Arce from Autodesk will be with us to answer any questions you may have about using Shotgun with flame!

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@Alan, thanks again for this. Just rewatched. I really appreciate how you walked us through the vanilla install. Do you guys do all of your own inhouse dev, or are there freelance shotgun peeps that can help someone dig in a bit?

We use Gary Oberbrunner who wrote Sapphire Sparks. He is based in Boston, and helps us out on an as-needed/as-available basis.

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