Logik Live Episode #46: ACES & Subtractive CG Comping with Finn Jäger

Hamburg-based Flame Artist Finn Jäger is going to take us through a sample ACES workflow, looking at dealing with multiple cameras and exporting for grading. He’ll also show us his take on subtractive CG comping.

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This was soooo good! Thanks @andymilkis and @finnjaeger! I really appreciate your simple approach. I think I finally get it!

Also, if you missed it, here are the test images from ACES if you are looking for them…


Reference (or “golden”) images are provided to help implementors or users verify their implementations of the reference color transformations.

Each image file provided is the output of one of the CTL transforms included with the ACES System Release.

Two primary images are provided: one pictorial and one synthetically generated test chart. In addition, one DPX file that is representative of a film scan is provided for use with the film-related transforms.

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