Logik Live is on Discord this Saturday @ 2pm - We're talking Features!


This week we’re taking Logik Live to our Discord server to talk features. What new things would you like to see in Flame? What current features would you like to see improved? Join me and my co-host Jeff Kyle for a live chat on the Logik Discord server SATURDAY, 3/19 at 2pm ET . We’ll have Flame Feedback open and ready to add new feature requests or give you the links to upvote ones that already exist.

Plus I’ll be giving away some Logik Merch and a 1 year license of Optics from Boris FX! All you need to do is sign up for the Logik Discord Server here. Simply enter in your Logik Forum credentials and you’re good to go!

Everyone who signs up for the discussion, by default agrees to vote up for the features when they are eventually registered on the Autodesk feedback page. Failing to do so will result in them being forever banned from asking for new features, ad infinitum and other legal mumbo jumbo…


Here’s where we landed after today’s Discord Logik Live!

@andymilkis Update the Machine Learning Models with higher resolution data


@digitalbanshee Support for export of MP4’s natively from Flame


@Ashby How save works in Batch.


@johnag Thumbnail Library View

@cnoellert Multi-Channel Clips pipe expansion


@Ashby Talked about a potential reworking of the way we handle Multi-Channel clips and with this discussion I’ve created this feature request.


And this is a bonus one that we talked about briefly on the Discord after the show- Contact Sheet in Flame.



Thanks for sorting through all of this @Jeff

Very helpful and now we know how to hide some layers in a multi layered EXR !!


This is perfect, @Jeff ! Thanks so much.

Damn, I totally forgot to mention the bug with the 2022 installer!!! I’d like to have this added to the list of “feature requests” (see this thread) Install trouble with 2022 on mac - #35 by cnoellert I’m still on 2021.2 because of this crap.


Sorry if I missed the discord session I guess I have too many platorms these days to look at :wink:

For the mp4 encoding, have you guys had a look at my answer on the request and the usage of the Python API to encore MP4 using ffmpeg? You should have all you need to encore your content with a little work on your side.

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