Tech Talk 2.0 on Logik Live today! - After show on Discord and a HUGE HW announcement!

The Forum has been buzzing with talk about the Mac Studio, Threadrippers, Cloud Flames, Rocky Linux and so much more. Join me and my guests Alan Latteri, Chris Noellert, Josh Laurence and Randy McEntee for a deep dive on the latest in hardware and software for Flame.

Plus - Randy and I have a HUGE hardware announcement to make that you do not want to miss!

We’re live on YouTube Saturday, 4/23 at 3pm ET (note the different day & time).

This topic is so hot that we’re moving the Patron’s Chat to Discord and opening it up to everyone! After the show, join us on the Logik Discord server!

I’ll be giving away some Logik Merch and a 1 year license of Optics from Boris FX! All you need to do is register at


Bump! We’ve got a special surprise today.
Season 10 Finale GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Hands down, without a doubt, the biggest thing we’ve ever done. :hugs::fire::heart:

Bigger than a Logik Water Bottle with a correctly scaled logo?

Possibly. But def not a big as when we made up Fanny packs with correctly scaled logos.

You’ve done enough graphics placement to know that “correctly scaled” only means “whatever gets it out the door”