🔥 Logik @ NAB 2024 - Everything you need to know!🔥

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OK Logik Friends! Everything you need to know about Logik @ NAB 2024 is now up on the website at www.logik.tv/nab2024

We are at the Palazzo this year in our very own Logik Suite!

Poolside Social - Logik Patrons and Academy Pro Members only
Palazzo Pool, Las Vegas Blvd S 3325 23, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Sunday, April 14th, 11am-3pm
See Any Milkis in flip flops.

Logik After Dark - Registration Required
Logik Suite at the Palazzo
Las Vegas Blvd S 3325 23, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Sunday, April 14th, 8pm - 11pm
See Fred and Stephane in pants

Logik Masters Classes - Registration / Purchase required
Monday, April 15th
Tuesday, April 16th

We’re flying in Flame Artists from across the world to help you level up your Flame Game. Is there a workflow or technique that you’ve always wanted to learn or a skill that you want to level up? Sign up for our Logik Master Classes, taught by some of the best in the business! These 1 hour classes will have a maximum of 6 seats , so you’re guaranteed to get your questions answered an get the most out of each class.

  • List of all the Logik Events
  • Registration Form for the Logik After Dark Party
  • Details on the Logik Suite @ the Palazzo
  • Full listing of Master Classes
  • Discount Code to get into the NAB show for free

We want to thank all of our Patrons, Logik Academy Pro Members and Sponsors for helping to make this all possible! See you all in Vegas!



2D & 3D Stabilizing Techniques for Beauty and Cleanup with Andy Milkis


Stabilizing can be your best technique for effective and efficient cleanup. In this session, Andy details a range of 2D and 3D stabilizing techniques to help you tackle any cleanup task, from logo replacement to beauty and more. Techniques include:

  • 2D Stabilizing with the Planar Tracker and 2D Transform
  • Stabilizing with Motion Vectors and UV Maps
  • Stabilizing with 3D Camera Tracks and Geometry

ACES High or Mastering Color Management with Randy McEntee


(See what we did there :grinning:) Proper Color Management is vital to the success of any project, but where do you begin? Building on “8 Minute ACES”, Randy demystifies Color Management in Flame and gives you the foundation and the context so you can get the most out of every pixel.

Rig Removal and Cleanup Techniques with Bryan Bayley


Bryan will demonstrate a handful of techniques for cleanup tasks that always seem to show up unannounced and at the last minute.

Image Node/Color Workflow with Bryan Bayley


Tips and Workflow suggestions to get the most out of client supervised color sessions in Flame.

Mastering Flame Expressions with Sinan Vural


Tracking with the Perspective Grid with Sinan Vural


Sometimes you don’t need expressions, simple linking and adjusting. Creating a wobble setup for stuff like camera shake. Controller channels on expressions. Weird stuff like a puppet rig.

Using Perspective Grid to paint over a sequence. Matching two cameras, and using material from one plate on a “similar” plate. Double the perspective grid, replacing labels on a moving milk carton. Bonus: using camera tracking to place and scale an object in a shot.


Snark retracted.

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Ack. Lemme update.

Each class is offered twice…once on Monday, once on Tuesday.

Times/classes are listed here…


OK flame nerds. Just so happens that there is a huge UFC event happening on NAB Saturday in Vegas. A few friends and vfx peers are going to go watch it at an undetermined sports bar location. If you want to join, hit me up and I’ll find the best place for a group viewing.


Ultimate Flame Championship? Noice!


Finally we’ll find out who is the Ultimate Renderdome Champion!

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Need some female artists up in there!

If you have registered for the a Sunday event, either the Logik Pool Party or the Logik After Dark events on Sunday, April 14th, you have just received an email requesting you join the Logik Discord Server in order to stay connected and get real time event updates.

If you have registered but didn’t get an email, it’s because it’s either in your spam folder or you unsubscribed to our email group.

Join our Logik Discord and check out the NAB 2024 channel for all future updates!

I’d rather not have to monitor a Discord site to get details to an event. Please just email the details to those that registered.




I have to admit, I’m not a fan of requiring another app for this kind of information. I fully acknowledge Discord/Slack/Facebook/etc all have practical purposes, but they’re also extra logins/credentials & really take time just to access.

Whereas you’re already pushing these funny “Alan Complaining” pics & I don’t need to look for it kinda concept. My vote is with Alan on this one.

Richard Keats

Hi All,

Apologies for any confusion. Info will absolutely go out via email to all who registered. The intention behind using Discord was for real time updates, problem solving and avoiding us having to give out a bunch of mobile numbers. Things like:

“I’m leaving the convention center. Where is everyone hanging out?”

“I’m in the lobby of the Palazzo but don’t know where to go.”

“Anyone have plans for dinner?”

We’re always learning here, and at the end of the day, it’s just two knuckleheads trying to grow a community.

Thanks for the feedback and we’ll see ya in Vegas!


Can’t say I’ve bothered with discord for months, way too much traffic.

Come on guys. Throw us a bone. We’re hosting 19 events over the course of 4 days, each with a different guest list, with over a hundred attendees from 13 countries.


Can you fax me the details?



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I guess this technically makes it a “portable” computer.