Looking for Flame Artist for a job

Hi all
I’m new and I’ve been recommended this forum by an user.
My name is Alessandro Ugo from Nice Biscuits in London.
I’m looking for a Flame Artist to relabel some soda cans in two shots (two ~10-second clips with a soft tracking inside a fridge).
I have a first deadline in 3 days, and a softer one with some other can relabelling for the 17th of December.
My email is alessandro@nicebiscuits.com
Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Hello Alessandro. You are very welcome here giving out jobs😊
I think it is quite hard to find a Flame op in London right now…but they are all here, plus top-end worldwide Flame ops. I’m sure you will find the right person. Cheers


Cheers for tagging me Randy. Unfortunately I’m booked up for the next few months, so can’t help on this one. Good luck Alessandro!

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