Looking for program for sorting and deleting pictures (mostly deleting) on Mac

Does anyone know of a program that will allow you to go through hundreds of thousands of pictures and kind of do a Tinder “yes/no” to them in a way that is fast?

current approach is using the mac finder and deleting them, but I’d much rather have something that’s very hotkey-centric and just sorts them allowing me to delete all the unwanted pics at once.

And I do not want to use Photos. too slow, too much importing and craph.

Adobe Bridge?

You can set a hotkey for setting a label, then when you’ve gone through them all you can select that label as a filter, make a last review if you like, and then just select all & delete.


You could set your finder window to images and delete all the no’s with command-delete. If you want to keep all the no’s then empty trash before starting and when done pull them out of the trash into a no folder.

i have THE tool for this!

its fast as heck, you can rate, sort delte whatever its absolute gold. and runs on anything and its free


This! Totally forgot about it. Thanks @finnjaeger

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