Should I Remove iMovie From My Laptop

I’m not pressed for hard drive space, so the question is mostly about the anxiety around software updates. iMovie wants to update. I’ve had this laptop for a long time, and it’s precursor since 2014. I have never opened iMovie.

  • Yes
  • No

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To be clear, are we talking about the actual application iMovie? Or is it a euphemism for FCP X

Slow week?


The actual application. I do not have FCPX

I used to love the trailers it could make using some stock music and adding a few clips.

Good fun when the kids are young. Not sure I would use it for anything now.

Although it probably has something like the most amazing rolling shutter fix anyone has ever seen!

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Delete it. No more updates.

Fun fact: the guy that wrote the colour warper and, I think, the 3D keyer works at Apple now.


Use it just to play with the iphone 13 pro depth layer I guess … I dont see how it hurts also doesnt hurt removing it… :rofl::man_shrugging:

I use it on my old macbook laptop for capturing my old miniDV and VHS tapes collection via firewire and miniDV camera haha. It was the only (free) software I could find that recognised my old camera :smiley:
But even for that it’s limited, can only export widescreen. So I get black bars around my exports. :smirk:

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Delete it then you can fill up that space with a couple of banger NFT’s you’ll want to keep instead

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Am I the only one that despises the 3D Keyer? Isn’t the Master Keyer a 3D Keyer with actual useful buttons and sliders?


Go to hell, William.


The vast array of keyers in flame is a field of greener grass in every direction you look. Master Key’s great, but hides all the sliders until you click on the correct pixel (maybe I just want to see if ‘range E’ does anything without finding a pixel that qualifies).

RGB keyer has lovely softness, but is rarely smart enough to be a one-stop-shop.

3d keyer’s sort of the opposite, getting nice hard mattes but often getting too obsessed with the grain to be useful in and of itself.

you can now buy that as an NFT ,


I’d consider buying it for a dollar.

Well @andy_dill , piss or get off the pot. The hive has spoken. Delete that shiz. You have until 12/31/2021 at 11:59pm to post the appropriate evidence.

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Can you gamma up so I can see its not a comp? :slight_smile:

I was gonna do a video capture but fucked up the first one so then my trash had iMovie and a screencap in it. That undermined the gag and I could not figure out how to I delete just iMovie so I could delete the screencap and I didn’t feel like using a command line rm to do any of this.

Somehow I managed to delete the screencap, or move it out of the way, but the screen space felt untidy and uploading a video felt like a lot of work so I gave up and just snapped two stills.

If you’d like, I can set up a team viewer later so you can poke around and confirm it’s gone.

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Nah I’m good. Congratulations. What are you going to do with all that room for…umm…digital activities?