Mac Desktop Recommendations

I’m looking to get a new Mac. What is everyone using these days …any reccos greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mac Studio. Max out the processor/GPU and get as much internal storage as you can afford. Nothing is upgradeable. I went with 4TB. The machine is fantastic.


How much ram did you go with? which display did you go with?

128gb. Remember that it’s shared memory between RAM and the GPU. For a display I got an LG Ultrawide.


you have the Apple M2 Ultra with 24‑core CPU, 76‑core GPU, 32‑core Neural Engine?

I have the M1

For the M2 is it necessary to bump up to the M2 max 76 core is is th M2 max60 core more than enough.

Since the machine can never be upgraded I’m a firm believer in maxing it out. Whatever the price diff is if it gets you another year with the machine it totally pays for itself.


I concur: Click all the best options. Our M1 Studios are great. I can hit render in Flame, swipe over to Slack, run a compression in Media Encoder, 10 tabs in Chrome, and have Spotify playing. It never feels laggy.

The Apple Studio display is really nice. And the XDR is REALLY nice but $$

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The apple displays are nice but way overpriced…then you still need to but that overpriced stand. LOL

$1000 for a pile of machined aluminum?

Yes. Very Apple.

But the monitors are really good. I also like our BenQ though they don’t have quite the nits

we use Mac studios, always max everything out. I think there is an M3 one just around the corner though.



I would suggest M2 ultra 128 giga ram / 76 core GPU.
You Can go with 1 to and buy external storage for framestore like nvme raid. ( Cheaper ) or also up to 8to if you want internal framestore some on the forum did that.

From what I read and benchmark the difference with core is around 25% more efficiency with 76 core compare to 60. ( On denoise operation / render )

And the 60 core M2 ultra is Like 10% faster than M1 Ultra full spec. ( Approximately off course )

If you find an M1 Ultra max out with 128 giga ram it’s still a good option and a cheaper one too.

About M3 or M4 studio wwdc is in june they might annonce New studio or not. If they annonce you might also wait 3 month before you can receive one…

If you absolutely need a mac don’t wait I think
The more you can choose, the less you wait and you get home on Time.

Hope this can help you to choose

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There is an another difference between internal and external NVMe, other than price. Speed.

The internal SSD should operate at 7GB/s, while external on TB I believe tops out around 2.8GB/s. Now both of these are very fast, and it may not matter, just be aware.