New to Freelancing (About to purchase a M2 Mac Studio)

Hi fellow flame artists

I’m going freelance and looking to purchase a M2 Mac Studio with 96gb memory.

Do you think I will run into any issues with the 96gb? At this time I can’t really afford to go with the ultra.

This will actually be my first ever Apple Purchase!! Hahaaa. I honestly don’t really want to deal with Linux at this time at home but maybe something I would look into years down the road. I’m not insanely tech savvy. Just know enough that I have built my own PCs. Usually every 5 years or so. And only 4-5 of them in my life.

Also, what does everyone recommend for a frame store? Really need to keep my storage under 1k.

I started freelancing a number of months ago and have had to turn down work a number of times already due to needing my own flame. I’m starting to see the bigger picture now with this opening more opportunities.


Ya might look into used or refurb M1 Ultra? The M2 isn’t that much beefier, especially if you’re comparing a M2 Max vs M1 Ultra. Def get maximum RAM though. We’re running M1 Ultra’s and they run pretty well, but I can see Flame uses 70-90GB of active RAM for my setups and timelines.

You can use really anything for a Framestore. Get a 4TB thunderbolt SSD to start. But whatever you buy, make sure to have daily backup solution! I got boned by my OWC setup…


I suggest you max (or should that be Ultra?) things as much as possible since Macs are not upgradeable. Consider the Apple Card 12 month financing if that’s a possibility for you.

I’m looking into a refurbished m1 ultra now. I will most likely go this route instead. Thanks for mentioning it.


I run Flame on M2 Ultra with 192g of ram.
Perfect !

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@lbellerive Hey, I wasn’t sure M2 ultra is supported yet before your message since it is still not in the recommended hardware list. I am glad to hear this. Do you know this is also possible with pre-2024 Flame versions?

My doubt is with the 64gb RAM is enough for the M2Ultra?

Can one use the iMac pro as a monitor with a M1 Mac Studio?

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i run an M1Ultra 64gig(only one i could get my hands on last year). Mac builds up swap space a bit - another 50-60gig in the drive to deal with need for additional ram once in a while. otherwise its hardly noticeable.

I don’t own one to test with, but I’m pretty sure the iMac Pro doesn’t support target display mode, which is what let some older iMacs be used as monitors.

Target Display Mode

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The only solution I could find to use iMacs and iMac Pros from 2009 onwards as a second display is by using Luna Display over Thunderbolt.

I asked technical support if they have 10-bit support, but unfortunately, it only supports 8-bit at the moment. They said they have plans to add 10-bit support in the future, but they cannot provide a specific timeframe for it.

If the lack of 10-bit is not essential, you may give it a go.

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