Flame Fundamentals - Module 7 - Colour Grading in the Sequence

Hi Everyone,

Module 7 of the Flame Fundamentals for Beginners has been posted on the Flame Learning Channel on YouTube.

There are currently seven videos in the series which cover some of the setup and fundamentals of grading in the sequence via the Effects Environment. A lot of these principles can also be applied to grading in a composite with the Image Toolset and MasterGrade shader.

Video 1 introduces the concept of colour grading in the sequence using the Effects Environment. This covers an introduction to the tools, primary grading and setting up the scopes.

Video 2 illustrates how you can grade isolated portions of your image using selectives (or what some call “power windows”.

Video 3 shows you two methods for creating a vignette over your image.

Video 4 teaches a great workflow to use one selective and grade on both the inside and outside of the isolated region.

Video 5 discusses the creation and application of grading presets using the Explorer. Note this can also be used for VFX presets created with Timeline FX.

Video 6 covers the image comparison tools while grading which allows you to compare your grade to a variety of sources in the sequence.

Video 7 discusses the various colour modes of the MasterGrade when it comes to grading different types of media. This includes video, logarithmic and scene-linear colour spaces. Please note that this switches the MasterGrade controls and does not convert your images colour space.


The earlier tutorials were a full and really useful ground-up introduction to the software, and now it’s really starting to get going. Such a full and diligently detailed tutorial series and really happy to see how you are making such full and extensive use of one of our LSFM student projects. Nice one Grant!