Maya textured render

I’m trying to import a 3d model that has a texture baked in in Maya, but when I import it to Flame, there is no texture.
Any thoughts?

Hi Paul,

If it is a baked texture that’s associated with a 3D model (I assume FBX), what is the format of the texture?

HI Grant, yes baked in FBX, The main texture is a ‘tiff’ and the blood splatter texture is a ‘PNG’. The sword model is using an Arnold shader.

Can you bake the textures to JPG and try again?

I have seen in the past that some textures won’t come in due to the format they were baked in.

Thanks Grant, yeah that was it.
It’s odd though, you can import .PNG to Flame, but not for a texture file.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for confirming.

I am not sure if it is a bug or a missing feature but please fill in a Flame Feedback Request so that the team can officially look at this.