Memory leak in flame 2023.1

I having trouble with vram usage in flame batch.
I am running flame 2023.1 on a HP z840 with 2 P6000 cards with a total of 48 gigs of vram.
and I am red lining the graphics memory on the resource manager.
my system slows to a CRAWL.
please help if you have any knowledge of this.

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Yup. Exit Flame. That clears vram. It’s a known problem. Also those old graphics cards aren’t helping much either.

Legacy feature, been there since the SGI days.

yeah… I have to say though, I have the same issue with my RTX-A6000. I’ve experienced it for years. I find the issue is worse when using BFX than in Batch, but it still happens in Batch.

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Well said @naveen. I shoulda been much more specific. Bigger / better/ newer graphics cards seem to reduce the frequency, not eliminate.

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I have noticed that 2023 has made the problem worse.
i am looking into downgrading to 2022.3.1
to see if i am correct.
has there been any work on a remedy?
i find it incredible that a small bfx setup will drain all of my memory.