Moire removal?

Hello Hive.
I have a logo that looks like a wood block engraving. Black and white with fine lines. The client has done some animations with it. I am getting a bunch of moire love noise. Is there a matchbox out there or trick you all use on this. It’s a quickie low budget thing, and I would rather not track down the original artist if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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I had some moire on some footage of an abandoned roller coaster (some of the support structure) and managed the lessen its visibility by tracking a still frame back onto that portion of the moving footage and then feathering it out back to blend it into the rest. I tracked it in with motion vectors. I am not sure if a solution like this would work on your footage?

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I don’t know of anything specific, but here’s what I’d try:

–Upscale it
–stabilize it. Even as a 1pt stabilize.
–Average the clip over 3, forward and back, weighted
–median filter it (or blur)
–unstabilize it
–downscale it.

I have no idea if that’ll help, but by limiting it’s movement, you can use tools like Recursive ops, Average and Motion Estimation Motion Blur in a way that won’t upset the overall feel.


Neat video can resolve moire in certain instances. Combined with some additional techniques.

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If someone can create a uber-Matchbox node to encapsulate these steps then that would be pure gold. NextStep is for a shared-cloud/crowd-node-bin to curate solutions (like suggestions in this thread) where people can then immediately pass these solutions around and “then” people can try them out “live” inside of their Flames. Not then as a forum suggestion, but inside Flame-Crowd as a nodal passaround that evolves as people suggest or “evolve” better solutions? Such would not be a Flame forum but a forum inside of Flame?


Isn’t that already in Flame? It’s called Batch. :slight_smile: