Moving cam from bottom to the top of the shot

Hi all,

I watched several YT-clips made from stills and because they want to make the clip to look more like a film, the “cam” is moved from the bottom to the top of the shot.

To me that looks like portrait shots seen through a 1.778/letterbox glasses :slight_smile:

Can such an effect be crafted in a Timeline-only project?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have an example? It sounds like a 2D Transform…

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Thanks for the promt feedback!

Pls see for example at 01:50
Eiger-Nordwand (

Julioleon is right - 2dTransform. Scale to fill the image across the screen, then use the Y position to move the picture up and down.

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Actually, I would use action. 2D transform will rasterize the image at the timeline resolution before scaling and moving. Action will allow you to use the full resolution image


Interesting and thanks for mentioning this fact! For the moment I have to solve the task with 2dTransform, since i missed to learn Action :frowning:

->Julioleon is right - 2dTransform. Scale to fill the image across the screen, then use the Y
->position to move the picture up and down
Thank’s and it does work till a certain point… My idea is, that before using Y to move the picture up, AutoKey should be enabled…

I did that and afterwards I had to swipe 7 times to the left side of the screen till the top of the shot was displayed. Finally pressing the Play button, but nothing happens …

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Did you set keyframes at the beginning and end of your animation?

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No I did not… good that you mentioned this:)

Is this the right order?

  • turn AutoKey on (in Timeline)
  • set a keyframe at frame 1 (in Effects)
  • move the picture up (in Timeline)
  • set a keyframe at frame 80 (in Effects)
  • turn AutoKey off (in Effects)

Hmm still not working…

Does somebody know why changing the Y position is not reflected in the main/large Viewer?

Thank you!

you’re looking at the “front” or input image before you’ve done anything to it. hit f4 to look at the result, or alternately hit render or go out to the timeline or something.

Thanks for the help. Going to try this asap:)

There is something else I am not sure about:

Should AutoKey first be activated or is setting a keyframe at frame 1 the first thing to do?

Doesn’t matter. If you activate autokey first and then change the Y value it will set a keyframe when you change it.

Matter of preference, some people swear by leaving it off, I always have it on.


It works perfectly now:) Thanks to all of you for the help!

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Hmm…nice but the thing needs still some fine-tuning…

The last frame(after moving to the top) should be displayed for about 2-3 seconds.

I tried Timeline TimeWarp FX buth either it’s not the way to go or I am making something wrong (this is a Timeline-only project).

Any additional help is appreciated! Thanks a lot.

Are you on the Logik Discord server? There are always several Flame Artists online who would new more than happy to look at a shared screen and voice chat you through some of these workflows so get you up to speed.

Thanks a lot Randy for the suggestion and that you are ready to share your knowledge and time. I do really appreciate that!
I think Discord is great for people with advanced skill levels. As for me, unfortunately, I do need to watch a “solution” several times in order to be able to replicate it later on myself.

In the meantime I did found a TimeWarp section in a fxphd-training (flm-102 class02). Hopefully TW is the solution for that task/problem, otherwise we will see each other on Discord :slight_smile: