Stop moving shot an the end of the movement for some seconds


for achieving the same “moving to the top effect” like shown in this YT-Clip (pls see at 01:50 Eiger-Nordwand)
I used a 2dTransform (thanks to the help of some Flame artist of this forum :slight_smile:

It looks nice, but still needs some fine-tuning… When the top position is shown, the shot should be displayed for about 3 seconds in the last top-position.

Is TimeWarp is the solution? My idea was - in order not to influnce the movement - to set 2 keyframes at the end of the shot and reduce the speed inbetween the 2 keys to 10%, but it’s not working :frowning:

What I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

This is a Timeline-only project

This can be done in the timeline and no need for the timewarp, but you will need to use the animation editor to fine tune it. Set two keyframes - one at the beginning for the low position, and one 3s from the end with the high position.

Then click on the ‘Editor’ button in the 2D Transform effect, which should open the more detailed settings in the effects panel. From there find the ‘Animation’ button on the left, which will open the animation editor. This can be a bit of an overwhelming UI if you’re not used to it, so be prepared. There are a number of videos on the Flame learning channel.

Ultimately what you want to do is change the interpolation of the keyframes from linear to bezier (dropdown on the right). And then manipulate the curve slightly so it eases into the top position slowly and stops, rather than being abrupt.

Here’s a screenshot of what that should look like in the end:

The curve shows the speed of the position change. It will start out fast and steady, and then gradually slow down as the curve flattens out.

After you’re done editing the keyframes, hit the ‘exit’ button on the left to get back to your timeline.


Wow… thank you very much Jan for that really helpful fedback!

Found about 5 great tutorials about the new Animation Editor of Flame 2023. Unfortuately I am still on Flame 2021.2. Do you know, if the suggested solution is possible with Flame 2021.2 as well?

Yes, this should work on all versions of Flame. 2023 were UI enhancements but the basics of keyframe editing have always existed.

It took me some time to find the Animation courve, but Shift+Tab did make the difference :slight_smile:

“My” Animation courve (Flame 2021.2) looks different, but it seems to work… do you think it’s ok?

After adding 1 keyframes and pulling the Animation courve to the left

There are no right or wrongs. If the animation looks like you want it, it’s good.

Thank’s a lot Jan for your help!

To be a bit less philosophical and more granular, I would suggest playing with your tangents in the animation channels. If you switch it to brazier, you can have some fairly fine control. You can also add points with hotkey “A”. You’re on an older version so you don’t need to think about the recent changes to animation channels — which have some good and not so good.

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But doesn’t it already have ‘bezier’ interpolation, since it shows the handles and the easing? And the right keyframe has been pulled out so it comes to a stop early in order for the animation essentially stop ahead of end, which was the goal.

The only thing that is different from my original example is that it also eases into the animation, instead of starting off with a linear, steady motion. However, that wasn’t the main requirement, just came from the sample.

PS: And yes, my prior reply was a short-form without going out into all these details, as it was typed on my phone over a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich at a coffee shop… Flogging accepted :slight_smile: