MPC freezes wages for 2022


This will be an interesting Petri dish…

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This makes me hungry for one those flakey triangular pastry things filled with fruit, what is that thing called? Oh yeah, turnover! High rates of those. Mmmm…

I just can’t see how someone thought this was a good way to go about this- no raises in 2022 plus the no option of work from home, drop that on everybody all at once. I just don’t get it- but I guess I don’t have an MBA or something? Just can’t imagine this going super great for them.


Ya know, somethings got to give. I’m tired of seeing email signatures from major studios touting how much they care about their employees and to “not feel compelled to respond to messages outside of business hours.” Really? You know someone in a marketing department somewhere thought that’d be a top tip in slowing turnover.

How about you put a page up on your website with all the benefits you are going to provide your employees?

How about you ditch the bullshit DOILS or TOILS policy or whatever the feck you call them and start paying for overtime?

How about you pay parental leave in the U.S.?

How about you take all that wasted effort on monthly birthday parties and instead give us our birthday off?

How about you publish the percentages of managers and directors that are women and people of color?

How about you allow permanent work from home or flexible work hours or something…I dunno…moderately resembling a 21st century post-Covid postmodern work week?

How about you legitimately look at the waste within your organizations and find a way to not offshore 35% of your work overseas?

And how about you stop forcing freelancers to temporarily be your employee so your books look good but don’t offer any actual benefits and force them to sign arbitration agreements so they can’t sue you when you wrong them?

What will it take the major studios to do something human and helpful for your artists? Do we need to forum a union? Boycott you? Shame you? Or open new studios and take your talent from you?

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Okay yeah. This.

This is how it ought to be done.


This might be an awesome place to work! I don’t know. I think it goes without saying that a company website can say whatever it wants, but the best tool we have in terms of finding out what are the great places to work at (and the places to avoid) is each other.

It’s a fabulous place. Amazing artists, exceptional leadership. 10/10 would recommend.

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This is how it ought to be done!

What they need is a Australasia devision!

It’s all our old friends. They’ll be running the world in no time.


Maybe this is a passive aggressive way of downsizing. Once the roster drops to where they want it they lift a few restrictions to stem the flow. They are probably aware that the people who stay are people who really need the job and will tow the line. I wonder if any of the other companies under the I-forget-what-they-are-called-now umbrella will follow suit.


A $3B company in 2021 with almost $300M in EBITDA? I don’t think they are passive aggressive.

It pisses me off. I know far too many amazing artists there that don’t deserve this garbage.


How many people have left?
Terrible policies.

Are they owned by venture capitalists? That would explain a lot.

Looking after your ‘wellbeing’ at the big places :joy:


Exactly. Oh, it’s our fault we aren’t 100% mentally healthy?

Basically they are, yeah. I think the deal is Technicolor bought MPC for 76 million USD then said “MPC, you need to pay off all this debt we incurred buying you!” The ability to treat people well and pay decent salaries is mitigated by the need to pay off that debt and make shareholders money. I’m sure there’s also a few nigh-useless CEO types at the top that pay themselves gobs of money. It’s a ridiculously inefficient system, but capitalism specializes in that specific type of corporate inefficiency. The people with money are making more, after all. The system works! :clown_face:

My heart goes out to anyone working at a company so shitty. I hope you find a new job soon. Many better shops out there.

For what it’s worth I was terrified of leaving my staff job, but it’s one of the best things that’s happened in my career. Life’s too fucking short to be undervalued.


Can’t wait till you have some employees, need to run a business and make payroll. These will be some great memes.

The history behind MPC, The Mill, and Technicolor has plenty of venture capital woven throughout but at the moment, snacks, I think the current answer to your question is, “no”.

Thomson SA (French conglomerate) purchased the original USA-founded Technicolor company in 2001. Thomson continued to acquire:

2004 – MPC
2014 – Mr. X (merged into MPC in January 2022)
2015 – The Mill
2015 – Mikros

In 2010 Thomson SA rebranded as Technicolor SA.

In May 2021 Technicolor bundled MPC, The Mill, and Mikros into a separate entity called Technicolor Creative Studios (TCS).

In February 2022 Technicolor SA spun off TCS as a publicly-traded entity on Euronext Paris under the symbol TCH of which Technicolor SA retains 35%.

This article has more details about the process, but after reading it I’m not all that clear what’s going to be left of parent company, Technicolor SA.

So, snacks, after all that, I don’t think there’s much VC there at the moment but it sure played a big part in making things into what they are now.


I’m pretty much convinced the entire exercise was a long, expensive process for Thomson to acquire a much sexier name.