Multiple Layers of Burn-in?

Burn-in Metadata is making me feel like an idiot again.

Is there some tutorial that show how to stack multiple layers of burn-in? Like I would like the burn-in (name, frame #) for layer 1, then sometimes also show the metadata for layer 2 when there is one? I can only seem to get info for one layer on screen at a time, but i need to also show the info for screen content and things like that.

Ok, I figured this out. Or at least this is how I got it to work.

Make a layer saying whatever data you want, then duplicate it and move it a bit lower so you can see both. Then set a Custom Metadata Track in the drop down in the bottom left AND THEN set this second layer you made to display the custom layer changing the Track drop-down in Text for that layer to Custom.

The annoying thing about this is that if there is nothing on the custom layer it just shows the current layer instead, so you have duplicated info always stacked on top of each other.

EDIT: Ok, so to avoid the duplication you just have two different burn-in effects on two different layers and just only have the second layer exist where you have two layers.

Honestly this whole thing is still pretty clunky and un-intuitive which is weird considering this module has been extensively updated twice in the past couple of versions.

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