Burn in Metadata date update

Hi All
Does anyone know if there is a way for the date to auto update when burning in metadata. Everything else updates but i have to manually go into the burn in metadata node and hit auto update which is a bore when i have so many to do.
Maaany thanks as always

Are you using Burn-In Metadata as a timeline effect or is it a Batch node? I have a python script to update all dates of timeline effects. I can share if you are interested. If it’s Batch nodes… you might be able to modify the script for that.

Hi Bryan,
Im using a timeline FX for workflow ease. Theres all sorts of info that needs to be included within a thin letterbox. I’ve got it all working really nicely apart from the damn date wont update automatically. Is your script on the portal. I’d love to have look.
Thanks M

I’ll attache the script here. It’s a little bit of a hack job… It uses execute_shortcut() so you have to do a couple things:

– You must create a hotkey for the “Update” button in Burn-In Metadata>>Layer Specific effect menu. For the hotkey to be created you have to assign a key/key combination. But once it is created you can clear the key. It doesn’t have to be mapped to a button, this just creates the hotkey entry so execute_shorcut() can execute.

– The Burn-In Metadata soft effect must be on a segment with no other soft effects. There might be a way around this but I haven’t worked it out.

– Before running the script, make sure your first instance has the “Layer Specific” menu visible.

_BB_update_slate_date_005.py (2.3 KB)


You can make the date/time effect a gap effect with a connected segment. Change one and sync and they will all change. Also, the update button is available on the fx bar, so you don’t need to actually enter the node to update. Technically you don’t need to make it a gap effect, but I do anyway because it is easier to identify different parameters quickly when they are stacked and labeled as gap effects. (I do all my slates this way)


Yeah. I like this for metadata but I still support any update/way that makes your date auto update the way that the tokens do when you update a shot.

I’m not a fan of auto-update. At some point I want it to stop doing that. I find it easier to use the gap segment name token so that when I need to change something I just re-name the segment and ripple the change through the connected segments.

Aah i have just found the update tab without going into the node which is already a great help thank you. I havent really looked at connected FX as im always just doing single VFX shots but i see how it could be super useful for this sort of thing. I shall dive in. Thanks again.