Multiuser collaboration

As I am preparing a move to flame as our core conform and publish tool (apart for any job that requires metadata… for now)

I am wondering of where to look at for multiuser collaboration mostly for conforming timelines and doing timeline related work.

Lets say I have imported 180 xmls and linked them all in a sources sequence / and i now want lets say 4 flames (or flame assist even?! is that a thing, save some moneys?). to work on those timelines and do conform, check timewarps, add some graphics - stuff like that.

Coming from doing this in resolve this is a feature we use everyday, looking for - I guess a workflow that lets me lock a reel to a user? but have multiple flames all in the same project.
I do not want to break connected conform so I guess anything like manually dragging stuff to shared libraries would be a no-go?

I am good with looking at shared framestores and more elaborate setups - or just having one master machine or however this would work. if it does at all? I can invest some time&money to get this right, Could also run 100gbitE between the flames or central flamestore stone&wire server type deal (whatever alan is doing).

Generally I am using a publishing workflow so local framestore is not ever really used that much apart from caching stuff for playback on the timeline

so really whatever mimics resolves approach would be amazing, they really have nailed the multiuser part.

For comp this will still be mainly nuke, but publishing batches makes this easy to do , so I am fine on that front really.

I don’t think it will work unless you use a central storage. Publishing everything to the server and using open clips. This is kind what I’m trying to set up using Shotgrid.

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Central S+W Server, Shared Storage, Workspaces are the closest you will get, and you will still be disappointed compared to the “live” timelines in Resolve.

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There is some way to use a connected workflow in between flames for conforming, but it requires every Flame artist on the project to use it or you will break it. Also it only works for conforming, having versioning within the clips will require much more steps.

Here is a small example vid I took:

As flame can maintain logical connections in between reelgroups, you need a source sequence or a source reel like I have in the screencap, where everything already has its connection when the collaboration starts.
You cut the connections of by going into a new reelgroup. In this case, it is also on the 2nd Flame. That step will kill the shared source, but not the connections within.
So after conforming another timeline within that group, you can merge them together in the first group and flame is clever enough to switch back the segment connections with your sources reel and the already existing Edit.
I have never tested, if going with open clips and soft imported footage, the shared source connection could also be restored without de- and relinking the SourceReel again later.

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ahhh so itll bascially I can copy a set of timelines to a shared library have someone else go over them manually, drop it back into the shared library i grab it on the main flame throw it in my reel group and I have my sources all linked again

thats cool and thats just 2 flames no special shared framestore etc?

That’s the catch. You have the segments linked again but (hardimported) also duplicated sources. To share the source again for a smaller archive later they still need to be resynced later.

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adsk really needs to fix this, opening projects from other flames is ridicolous.

Flame should be THE tool for this, even avid has bin-locking.

Shared libraries are crazy inconvenient - sorry but replication of data just to transfer it across is leads to huge overhead in organization we need a single project with the abbility to lock reels

Even if we could open a timeline IN a shared library that would be enough as people can lock and unlock those.

I dont like having my sequences dublicated around like crazy, how should I ever find out what the latest version is, thats crazy when working with many people.

Thus not even a central flame project server is the answere here , i am really annoyed as i am currently tracking down dublicates across many flames and workspaces and its eating my soul.

Having a single centralized S+W server makes all of this not perfect, but 1000x better than data islands.

yes but what I mean is that this is not a solution, if this would give me bin locking → fine, but it doesnt so its a complex bandaid fix to a problem that has been solved even by adobe

If you have a shared frame store and just have artists use workspaces in a shared project there is no data duplication.

not “data” (for me framestore is a pure cache, no data is allowed to be created inside flame that is used down the line, no rendered batches and stuff, i find this to be a nightmare)

what I mean with data is that stuff like sequences and batch setups and such should only exist once what can happen is due to miscommunication that artist A pulls a sequence from workspace to do a change C and arist C gets called by producer to do a change in that sequence. and then you have 2 sets of changes in different timelines, especially in heat of the moment situations, (artist C is sick for a day or whatever)

its easy to compltely loose track of whats where on which workspace.

Have you seen the insanity that is resolve multiuser collaboration? is so insanely good, i miss it so much!!! hell it even works over the internet with everyone just having a local path override and proxys and stuff…

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Ahhh I see what you mean, yeah sorry, I can’t help with that.

I havn’t played with resolves multi-user setup, but what I do adore is that I can work on a resolve project at home with local media, then open it remote at the office and render local there with zero effort. The behind the scenes path translation kind of blew my mind once I realized it was happening. If anything THAT is what I would rather Autodesk swiped from them.

the crazy part is that you can work with proxy media at home
and render on the resolve station at work…

And do
give multiuser in resolve a try its insane! You can work with multiple people in the same timeline doing different things, its CRAZY