Flame Timeline to Nuke Studio and back again.... anyone?

We juggle quite a few projects and was wondering if anyone has to do this on the regular… curious to know what you’ve discovered or what works… if anything… TIA!

We are doing this with Resolve, but Nuke Studio is not part of our workflow. We do individual shot breakouts for Nuke coming though.

Used to do this sometimes…but, the only way that I could muster up was open clip/pattern browsing where Flame comps were outputted via Write Nodes, but then you lose each apps ability to work over the top

interesting Alan. Do you use Resolve as your Timeline management tool because it works with nuke and flame or you just find it faster than one or the other?

Flame is our edit holder. We are using Resolve for color, transitioning away from Lustre.

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I’ve thought about this. The only way I could think of was using xml. And having all clips soft linked to the server.

I wanted to use aaf but I don’t think it’s supported in nuke yet.

Never really tried it out in anger.

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Mind, whatever happened to that Pixar open timeline thing? Sounds perfect for this sort of thing.

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We checked OTIO with some custom scripts to get premiere xml working some while ago.
It isn’t production ready yet but very promising.
I strongly hope, that all software devs will adapt OTIO as soon as possible :crossed_fingers:t2:


OTIO is the absolute bees knees! I have it running for some things that arent flame but very well working in NukeStudio!

I go Hiero/NS to flame all the time hiero beign the edit keeper and flame used for finishing only, as pattern browsing has been a bit of a performance nightmare for me I kick out unversioned usually acesCCT .DPX files for flame from hiero, so I just overwrite them once I get a bunch of shot updates and this is what flame is working on top on, but depends on the process usually we grade before flame and so only have to deal with the grading output.

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