Neat Video Artifacting

Anyone else seeing what appears to be separation of RGB channels on Neat Video rendered results? Seems to come and go very frequently. I’ve tuned the settings to include CPU+GPU, GPU only, CPU only, running optimized settings now, and the issue still pops up frequently.

Dell w/Dual P6000 - Flame 2021.2.2 - 16bit EXR and 10bit DPX.

I haven’t seen that yet. What version of Nv are you running?

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I’m thinking of buying Neat Video because I’m in a world of pain with noisy green screens at the moment. I read somewhere where it crashes on the latest version of Flame. Is this true.

@johnag The issue was fixed in neat version 5.4, so all good with that version or later. I use it every day here

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Agreed. I use it multiple times a day & swear by it.

OMG I just ran a shot through the demo and set to default settings and got the result I wanted. Off to the NV store.

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I know you’re cranking away now but when you have a few mins, here’s the Logik Live I did with Tim from Neat Video. I learned SO MUCH from this demo! Logik Live Episode #08 - Neat Video Deep Dive with Tim Chistyakov - YouTube


Running version 5.4.

Its is absolutely amazing, i use it daily as well. Thats why these artifacts hurt so bad…