Multiple neat problems

I am having some trouble in batch when using multiple NEAT OFX nodes.
images get color distortion. it’s also very slow to process.
Has anyone seen this?

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Are you on Mac or Linux, and what version of flame?

Also, are you copy/pasting the neat OFX node?

linux flame
2x p6000
128gb ram
i have tried copying nodes. and starting new ones for each node.

What size images and what bit depth?

hd 1920x1080 10bit

Oh, man. Well, your machine certainly has enough firepower to handle NV on HD. TBH, I haven’t seen that type of behavior in a while, and then it was 4K+ images. Have you tried isolating the Neat nodes in a sep batch group? Render there and then bolting your render into the main comp Batch group?

The rule used to be no more than one active neat node in a batch. Did that change? Can you just BFX them one at a time and prerender them?

Sounds like there is a lot of sensor noise in the blue channel, and when that noise is removed, it feels as thought the color shifted, but it is essentially just the blue noise being gone.

the problem is indeed in the blue channel. but unfortunatley the problem distorts the color only when there are multiple nodes.
it is more thana a blue color shift.

I could try that. but its hard to get an interaction when pre rendernig.
this is a nasty problem with some old film that has been in the can for 30 years.
and there is a lot of material to process.
NEAT does wonders. and my hat is tipped to the creator.
they should have their slogan read “It’s not just for noise”.


I don’t think multiple nodes is needed. Have you turned on Advanced Mode and dialed in the different frequencies?

yes. these shots need very aggresive processing on different color channels.
the problem is, you can do this in After Effects. but not in Flame.

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Then Mono the channels into separate RGB and work from there?

the setup is to separate channels, neat at various levels, then combine.
so I am using seperate NEAT nodes for blue and green channels.
That’s when things break down.

Many moons ago I had some strangeness when rendering two neat plugins simultaneously. Since stopping that and rendering each plugin individually I haven’t had issues.

Maybe try that?

I agree with @andy_dill. Until we got the ofx setup, I would always render on the desktop and save setups like in the old days to avoid stuff like this.

Thanks for all responses. I guess I have to pre render.