NEW Flame 2023.2 Training - Edit Box, Multi-Channel, Search, Layouts and Processing

Hi All,

With the release of Flame 2023.2, The dev team have continued their improvements across different parts of Flame. Most of these enhancements are based on your feedback! For the full list of what’s new, please see on the Flame 2023.2 on-line documentation.

To get you started, six new videos have also been posted to the Flame Learning Channel.

The first video covers the new Edit Box feature in the Animation Editor. This handy widget makes editing keyframes so much more intuitive and flexible in the Curves and the Dope Sheet.

The second video goes through a variety of enhancements to the multi-channel workflow. This includes improvements to the multi-channel handling, multi-channel rules, multi-channel outputs from Action, multi-channel naming and updates to the Render and Write File nodes.

The third video highlights the new search functionality in Batch. You can now use a set of criteria to search for specific nodes similar to the way the search works in the sequence. This includes searching for nodes with errors which is super handy when working in a large Batch node tree.

The fourth video covers loads of improvements to the Render and Write File nodes. This includes setup and custom durations as well as auto-connecting to nodes via the context menu.

The fifth video shows off the new automatic batch duration workflow which sets the Batch duration off the first clip. This removes the manual steps of setting things up and Flame takes care of the durations for you.

The sixth video showcases the new custom interface layouts that are available in Batch. Matching the Effects Environment, you can now create your own Batch UI layouts for specific tasks and switch between the layouts super fast!

You can check out these videos and more on the Flame Learning Channel or in Autodesk Learning on AREA and as a downloadable podcast via iTunes.