Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2023.2 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2023.2 Update.
Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-00268 - Action: Ability to re-order outputs

FI-00528 - Batch: Add an option to the Write file node to automatically add rendered clip to a reel.

FI-00610 - Batch: Multichannel EXR clip should expose out the ABGR channel in the nodes collapsed state.

FI-00701 - Add a “Search node” utility/tool in Batch and Action

FI-00745 - Gestural editing of Channel Rules within Flame

FI-00746 - Batch: Add Offset Timecode option in the Write File node

FI-00818 - Allow using wild card characters in ChannelRules.cfg

FI-01002 - Write File Version Padding Should Follow Batch Iteration Padding

FI-01028 - Batch: Automatically set the width of an expanded Multi-Channel clip so whole names chan be seen.

FI-01252 - Batch: Do not change position of Action and GMask Tracer Node when adding Output

FI-01462 - Animation: Use Shift-Click to select a range of keyframes on a curve

FI-01577 - Batch Render / Write File: Rename channels and automatically match Action channels’ names.

FI-01593 - Batch: Place duplicated clip under the cursor.

FI-01624 - Batch: Propagate the duration of a clip to the Batch Group duration

FI-01679 - Multi-Channel Clip: Ability to re-order channels in a clip node.

FI-01680 - Multi-Channel Clip: Ability to colour code channels

FI-01684 - Multi-Channel Clip: Ability to «cache / uncache» channels.

FI-01697 - Batch: Add and option to includes all Render/Write notes when Include Setup is enabled

FI-01711 - Python: Ability to get the Batch Iteration number only

FI-01769 - Batch: Media Replace doesn’t keep Timing Offset

FI-01884 - Viewing: Add a version of 4-Up that is 4 columns instead of a quad split.

FI-02110 - Python API: Ability to add separators in the contextual menus

FI-02111 - Python API: Ability to dictate the custom actions order in a contextual menu

FI-02123 - Python: Ability to add items to first level of a contextual menu

FI-02393 - Layouts: Support for layouts (like Effects tab Layouts) in the Batch Tab.

FI-02564 - Python API: cascade menus / add items at root level

FI-02614 - Batch: Add option to the Render Node to follow the Batch Group duration

FI-02636 - Batch: Automatically set Batch duration to match length of first source clip added

FI-02698 - Python API: Ability to get the resolved path in the Write File node

FI-02754 - Python API: Ability to set in/out marks to render node in batch

FI-02793 - Multi-Channel Clip Output Visibility Preset Customization for Batch

FI-02840 - Configuration: Is XFS noatime still needed?

FI-02856 - Animation: Add Expression indicators when the entire node is linked

FI-02882 - Tangent Panels: Ability to open/close the Media Panel with the same shortcut

FI-02892 - Animation: Restore the Auto Select option


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Thanks Fred

There are more than a couple of corkers there. Thanks @fredwarren

Very nice one! Thanks and congrats to the dev team!


Thank you Frédéric, and thank you to the development team!

Just addressing “FI-02892 - Animation: Restore Auto Select” makes for a great update!


Awesome work guys!!


Thx Fred to you and the team for all the hard work.