New FLAME CAPSULE - Be creative in & out of the matte with one Selective - Flame 2021.2

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows you how to apply VFX and grading on the inside and the outside of a matte using just one Selective.

Typically you can use a Selective to apply effects on the inside or outside of a matte but the Selective allows you to do both at the same time.

The big benefit is that you don’t have to duplicate your mattes and Selectives just to do one or the other.

It also means that blending effects between the inside and the outside of a matte is pretty clean.

This works with the Gmasks, keyers and a combination of the Selective Tools.

Giving you excellent creativity inside and outside your mattes!!!

You can check out this video and more on the Flame Learning Channel

Stay safe and enjoy!


Great tip! Important color grading workflow right there!!