New Logik Academy Courses: Beauty Techniques, ML Timewarp and Pybox & Nuke Now Available!

Hello Logik Friends!

Happy to announce the release of our 3 latest Logik Academy courses:

Beauty Techniques in Flame by Andy Milkis. In this course @andymilkis takes you through a typical beauty cleanup shot and demonstrate techniques for blemish removal, fixing blotchy areas, cleaning up red eyes and dark circles under the eye, and overall texture and color balancing - all with an emphasis on working efficiently.

Machine Learning Timewarp by Randy McEntee
. @randy takes you step-by-step through how to install and use the amazing Machine Learning Timewarp tool from @talosh

Pybox and Nuke by Randy McEntee
. Curious about how to connect Flame and Nuke via Pybox? @randy lays it out for you in this easy to follow video.

These join the other Logik Academy Classes:
Connected Conform
The Image Node
8 Minute ACES
Intro to NDI

Thank you to Autodesk for sponsoring Logik Academy


Amazing work! Thats my commute sorted for this evening!

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Thank you, Ben!

@randy so that’s what’s been keeping you busy aside from the occasional Super Bowl spot? Amazing!!!

Thanks @andymilkis @randy for everything you do!

Thanks Andy. It’s the little things we do everyday that you’ve made a bit easier. The time you’ve taken will save me time in the future.

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Wow thank you all so much for these! Truly can’t wait to get to the office and install the ml timewarp.

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